• Promote wholistic health of the individual, the family and the community aimed at a Healthy People.
  • Help attain and maintain health through health education and good health practices
  • Bring about a rational use of drugs
  • Focus on management of common ailments and health problems of our country
  • Help in the continuing education  of all persons involved in health care
  • Share information and experience of innovative programmes for better health
  • Involve more and more people in health action
  • Bring theory down into easy practical application
  • Question existing practices and beliefs in health care establishments
  • Bring health issues with possible solutions to public and government’s notice
  • Provide a platform for discussion of medico-moral ethical problems in health care
  • Create a rethinking on present health professionals’ education system
Important and current health issues are identified through brain-storming, at a scheduled meeting of the Editorial Board: each topic is then given an in-depth treatment. We enlighten the readers with the basic information on such topics to create sufficient awareness.   We make conscious efforts to present authentic information in a simple and lucid style.